pedicures at home

                Classic (assumed) pedicures at home: phases and techniques

1. Steaming legs

First of all, remove the old nail polish from the nails and then prepare your feet for the painting. To do this, you will need a special bath with warm water and washing composition. The easiest and most affordable option is shampoo or shower gel. However, you can buy ready-made cosmetics, which effectively reduce the hard areas of the foot and also have an excellent antibacterial effect. If you decide to bath yourself in addition to the soap dryings, add 2-3 tbsp of water. Sea salt or baking soda, as well as cammeal, calandula, oak bark or a little bit of saint. By the way, freshly squeezed lemon juice will cope with fatigue fatness. Generally, to soften the skin, feet are enough for 5-15 minutes. If the bath starts to cool during this time, then hot water is poured over periodically. After steaming, clean your legs with a dry towel and go to the next step - remove the dead skin of the calf.

2. Foot cleaning process

It is almost impossible to imagine a proper pediatric, such as without a complete sticky wait like a child. Therefore, their treatment is given less attention than the nails. For mechanical cleaning of the foot, use the pimmys stone or special cosmetic file with confusing good grains. Course nail files can remove excess levels of skin and thus stimulate excessive heel growth, so they are better suited to use salon by a professional pediatrician. To maximize the flexibility of the foot, do not shave their sawmill from top to bottom and then in the opposite direction. Help to make special chisel or itching for the foot to fix the result. The same meaning is a series of antifungals. In addition, they are antiperspirants and they remove the puffiness well due to the included vegetable ingredients. The purchase option can be a homemade exfoliant. It will not be difficult to get: Mix the body cream with a small amount of salt, then use it as a composition. After carefully treating the foot, rinse them with warm water and dry it with a towel. Now is the time to moisturize the feet with a nutritious cream, with its application light, relaxing with massage.

3. Procedure of Nails and Pieces

Start by removing the dead cells stored under nails and dirt with orange stick or special scapula. Next, adjust the length of the nail plate using nail scissors with rounded spacing and cosmetic nail file. If you do not have time to get the file showing good details, please note that there are files showing details on a high quality Glass Base. They do not just give the nails a hierarchy, but you allow them to grind quickly and easily. Trim the Nail Plate from the corner to the center center and file it, turning one direction. For avoiding such waste tumors, try to shape only the square without having a rounded corner as the nail grows in the skin. For length, here's a rule - the nails on the big toes should be slightly longer than the rest. After working on the nail plate length and shape, engage in the nail bed process. Apply a special softening agent on the bark and after a few minutes, remove it from the orange stick or nail pad. Often dry and stiff skin is present on the colossal and finger tips. It is also necessary to get rid of it by using the nail file. The final step at this stage is nail polish. Suede nail file-buffer, with 4 working degrees of different degrees, will help you to overcome this task. Thanks to its effect, the nail plate will be completely smooth, satin and better to keep varnish.

4. Nail polish

The foot completes the event for nail varnish care. At this stage, you will need a special silicon divider for your fingers (or cotton spots), a wooden base, wood fixtures and colored wood of your choice. First of all, digitize the nail plate from the fossils of kits and cosmetics to the acetone-free Nail polish remover. Then put the fingers in the divider and apply alternate all the varnish layers. The first colorless base will have a base layer, which serves to give level to the nail plates and prevents their yellowing. Then one or two layers of colored wood will be followed and the nail color design with a sticker will complete. Remember that before each subsequent level can be applied, the previous one should dry well. If your fingers or nail plates have markings of varnish at the end of the procedure, remove it gently from a cotton swab, treated with a nail polish remover.

As you see, there is only a small set of skills and, of course, there is a need to properly set up a mini-salon at home. Pay attention to your feet and do not forget that they should be beautiful 365 days a year!

Pedicure is a very important process that many women do. Due to the very soft atmosphere, most of the year has to walk in closed shoes, but still its legs should not be forgotten. Well-designed skin and high-quality padding helps to make themselves and everyone happy. In the hot season, this process can be said to be essential, because thanks to sandals or slips in her legs would look attractive.

Decorative legs have a nice look, and also affect the whole body's health. Eastern saints say that there is a large number of nerve organs in the foot area. Therefore, removing skin growth on the feet gives you an opportunity to clean the body, it gives extra freedom.

Decorative, attractive foot health, a positive mood and a foundation for self-sufficiency. However, though, many women neglect pedicures for unknown reasons, for example, due to a shortage of time. But delete this important action, as it is now possible to make high quality pedicures at home. There are all possibilities for this. Choosing tools is easy, remove some time and put your feet in full position.

What can be useful for home painting at home?

To do everything correctly and as best as possible, you need to prepare some tools. Generally this list is not so big, but all the devices there are really useful.

Proper preparation of the foot for the procedure
Before you start, it is desirable to properly prepare. It is necessary to remove the old varnish from the nails. It is better to use the fluid that does not contain acetone, because it is more harmful and soft. It is easy to find a special fortified fluid for these purposes, which strengthens the nails. After that, you can move on to a very pedicure.

Tanning feet

The first step is to fill the container with hot water. There you can add two drops of essential oils of tea tree, lemon and a little soda. Sometimes a pair of coffee tablespoons are added. Then you need to reduce the foot in this container and hold it for fifteen minutes.

Do not use very hot water for bathing because there is a risk of burning.

Clean your feet with a clean towel. When they are dry, you need to replace a few tablespoons of white clay in olive oil and spread all the pods on his feet with it.

As a scrub, you can use the composition of olive oil, sea salt and lavender essential oils. All this mixes and then the feet are massaged. After massage, you need to wash everything with plain cold water. Then the feet dried up. The mask applies to them. It contains an oil eucalyptus solution, oil and a little aloe vera extract. All ingredients are mixed in one teaspoon served only one. After fifteen minutes with napkin you need to remove the remains of paper napkin.
Massage with circulation activities lets you finally get into the tone of the foot. Need to do it with the ankle. After that, you should wear gloves and sleep for half an hour.

Foot rest

A hot water bowl is added which contains a small amount of vegetable oil spoon, eucalyptus essential oil (seven drops), two tablespoons of the deal and a dried mint. All this is exactly mixed. Keep feet in this bath for fifteen minutes. Then the feet are wiped, the halts are removed. You can move them with a wooden stick. For lubrication, calomel essential oils can be used effectively, which have good antiseptic effect.
To shrub, you can use 100 grams of olive oil, oatmeal and orange oil. These mixes massage the feet, after which everything is washed with warm water. Then the legs are dried and lubricated using the pre-prepared motuarizing lotion. You can make it from a glass of glycerine, almond oil. Misleading massage lets you relax your feet. The remains of lotion need to be cleaned with napkins

How Do I Remove Ankle Swelling?

A container of hot water is added, which includes three drops of cedar, gum and a little dry essential oil of rosemary. Fit should be kept in such bath for fifteen minutes. After this, the feet are cleaned dry, the hives are removed slowly with a soft vein. It is made from olive oil and brown sugar (one teaspoon). Underground coffee, olive oil, soda and dried mint can also be prepared.
It is necessary to use only high quality

natural olive oil for the preparation of scrubs. Only those can give the desired effect .

You can create a mask for the foot. To do this, use blender for mixing one yolk, half spinach, 10 drops of essential oils and a tablespoon of honey. The mask is used for about 6 minutes, then washed with warm water.

Coconut oil can be used to lubricate the legs. Then you need to wear sweaty gloves and you can go to sleep. In the morning you can see a significant effect, because swelling will go down, and your feet will become more attractive.
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