House therapy - Remedies for removing acne (Blackhead)

Blackheads, blackheads, are often indifferent to the face, especially when there is a problem with the young woman being harassed. Black reasons are responsible for many reasons including stomach disorders, food irregularities, lack of nutritional deficiencies and pollution. Here we are showing you some household remedies for acne or black skin removal

Before washing any scrub on your face, wash your face with water so that the skin becomes wet and soft. This will make your skin dry and not dry.

>>> The easiest way to get rid of blackhead is by mixing and mixing honey. Apply syndrome and honey paste and apply it on your nose and its surrounding portion. Scrub this paste for 4-6 minutes and then wash the face with cold water. Apply a cream on the face to not dry it.

>>> Baking soda is one of the most common types of natural organs, which is an artisan to remove blackhead and dead cells.

>>> To experiment with this, first mix a few baking soda in the water and let it rub your face for 2-3 minutes and let it stay on the face for 1 minute. Never keep baking soda for more than 1 minute on face.

>>>  Mix barley flour and pinch of honey on the face. If your skin is dry, mix some olive oil in this mixture.

>>> Lemon does not just clean the face but it is also a type of natural bleach. Sprinkle a mixture of lemon juice with a little bit of syrup, spray the face for 3-4 minutes and let it remain for 3-4 minutes after the scrubbing. Then wash the face with warm water.

>>> Orange Pill, which you can make with the dried bark baked in the mix. Make a paste and mix some milk in a powder mixed with scrubbing the face. Let this scrub stay on the face for 5-10 minutes. Finally wash the face with warm water.
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