How do you know if your skin is dry, mixed or oily?

To take care of your skin especially the face and use adapted products, it is important to know if you have dry, mixed or oily skin.
I preach the good word of the care of the skin, this external organ that takes full mouth all day, H24. Nevertheless, before taking care of it effectively, you will have to understand what is your skin type.

1>Recognize dry skin
You know the 3 types of skin: dry, oily and mixed. Sounds simple like that, but Mother Nature has an awkward sense of humor and you may have several skin types at the same time.

Oh yeah !

Your skin can be dry everywhere but very oily on the T zone (forehead, nose, chin or nose, chin, cheeks). In addition, your type of facial skin is not necessarily the same as your body.

for example :- I have a mixed face but a dry body.

When you have dry skin, your life is made of tightness: when you come out of the shower, when you leave your home, when it is cold etc ...

2>Recognize oily skin

The oily skin is rather simple. On the face it translates into a permanent shine and makeup that takes about 30 minutes if not meticulously.

This type of skin is often quick to develop acne because overproduction of sebum can easily clog the pores but it is not systematic.

However it is practical on the body because your skin is always naturally hydrated and protected. Some products whose formulation would cause adverse effects on dry skin, pass cream on yours.

3>Recognize mixed skin
A mixed skin is like a large amusement park: there is something for everyone and the fun (nervous) never stops.

You can have both oily, dry and normal (balanced) skin depending on the areas of the face or body. This will lead you to use different products to meet the needs of your skin.

If the skin of your body is mixed, there is a good chance that your extremities (hands and feet) and your joints (elbows and knees) are drier than the rest.

Now that you have more info, it is up to you to be attentive to your skin to confirm which category you belong to.

Do not forget that no type of skin is better than another, just know it to take care of it and use the right products.
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