Homemade Skin Cleanup

                                         Homemade Skin Cleanup

This treatment can be done for oily skin as well as for 18-20 year old for skin rejuvenation.
Steps to do:

Follow These Step:

* Bond the bleach so that the hair does not fall off the face.
* Make sure the apron is not clothed.
* Take the cleansing cream with clean hands and massage it on the face and neck for 1-2 minutes.
* Gently rub with cotton
* Moisturizer and Skin Tonic Mix 4-5 times in a circle. Skin tonic not only tightens the skin but also deepens and removes dirt. Keeps the skin fresh.
* After wiping with a damp cotton massage, moisturize 3-4 drops with moisturizer and massage 4-5 times. Astringent helps prevent sweating and helps open closed sweat glands. It works like an antiseptic lotion.
* Give a steamy blend.
* With the help of the extractor, remove the white and black spots. Then spread with wet cotton using Stringent.
* Multani mitt and rose water mix and pack,
* Dry with a damp cotton on top.
* Do not wear face to face for 2-5 hours.

*When there is no time to follow all these steps.

   Going to a Party:
- Make cleansing first.
- Clean the face with moisturizer.
- Then you can put a ready-made pace pack. Called the Peel of Mask. Ex: Everyuth, Himalaya, Nature, Vlcc etc.
- Pack should be removed from the top for up to 5 minutes.
- If so, the freshness of the face remains intact for 2-5 hours.
- This treatment can be performed for persons above the age of 5 years.

Treatment for under eye dark circles:
Old age
When blood is low in my mouth
During childbirth

This may require regular procedures at home.

Clean from cleansing milk,
Massage with any massage cream, almond or wheat germ base cream is good. Massage it with the middle finger and gently massage the eyebrows upward and downward.
After this, put a piece of cotton soaked in cold water.
Then the whole piece of cotton soaked in hot water. Continue for 5 minutes.
Then mix the Multani Mitty Rose Water with a thin layer and remove it before drying.
Instead of Multani Mitty, remove cucumber, carrot juice, or potato juice in a cotton swab on the eye and remove it after 2 minutes.
Apply an under-eye gel or cream while sleeping at night.

These are some of the creams which are used for the under eye dark circles treatment

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